Interview with math genius Stefan

English translation of the earlier Article in Der Wochenblitz.

Stefan Quint, the Thai-German boy, about whom we have already heard in the last few weeks is again in the news. The Teenager won a silver medal at the International Junior Math Olympiad 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The award of the medals took place on 14 August, two days after the actual competitions.

“I dedicate this medal to the Person who was day and night around me and still does. My mother. ” The boy told us I an interview. “I will continue to participate in mathematics Olympics, perhaps also at others. Next, I will presumably attend the American Mathematics Olympiad 2017 which take place here in Thailand, in October.”

The highly praised boy sees himself not as something special and says, that his friends also won medals, but through his illness and how he handled it he got not only nationwide well known. His story goes around the whole globe, which is probably happen through social media.

Also, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha encourages Stefan and his family to fight the disease and get well as soon as possible.

Quote: “I want express my most sincere Admiration to Stefan and his family.”

“My life has changed through my illness, changed for the better! I gave up my dream of becoming an astronaut, and I determined to become a doctor to help children suffering from cancer.” Stefan told us. “My dream is to use one injection to heal cancer and spare the people from the torture of chemo and radiation treatment.”

Then he remembers the lonely Nights in the hospital and tells us about another project.

“Children feel lonely in the Night when they are alone in the hospital. I know what I’m talking about since I experienced it myself, and for this Reason I asked, as my TV appearance for Workpoints Superten was recorded, for pillows as gift. These pillows I will donate to the children suffering cancer in Siriraj Hospital. ”

Please do not forget to do something good for these children. On September 15th is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma World Awareness Day.