Thai TV showcases touching story of hope about Thai/German boy with cancer who won a gold medal at a Maths Olympiad

Stefan Quint has Hodgkin’s lymphoma that is also known as Hodgkin’s disease. But despite the boy’s difficulties and continuing treatment he has an incredibly positive outlook.

For all intents and purposes he looks like any other teenager.

His father is German born Hermann “Somchai” Quint whose online profile says he has lived in Thailand for 24 years. He was given the nickname “Somchai” as no one could say name when he first made Thailand his home. He is a goodwill ambassador for Global Diplomatic Corp and is an expert in the field of IT.

But on TV yesterday the focus was very much on his remarkable son known to all his friends as Stef.

The Thonburi based young man won gold at the recently held 3rd Singapore Singapore Maths Olympiad Challenge 2017. He was one of many successful Thai students but was certainly the one that everyone wanted to speak to.

The presenter on Thai Rath TV introduced the show by saying this was a “happy story and a sad story – no, it is just a happy story”.

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